5 Fun Facts About Countries You Probably Wouldn’t Know

Traveling is fun, with what each country and place holds. It’s the history for a few, or it’s the legacy of a person or a deed they hold in others. It’s just the vibes from that destination, the sights worth seeing, enjoying the food while breathing in the sheer nativity of the country, and most of all, the companionship of them all. 

Traveling becomes extra fun when we begin to appreciate the culture that emanates and engulfs the place in the warmth of pride.

This is a small list of some incredible places that people might already have added to their bucket lists. What is fresh here is that we are delving into what makes these places stand out for more than just being a popular travel destination. Ready your sunglasses and a portable water bottle; it’s adventure time! 

Fact #1: Iceland

Iceland amassed more than a million visitors in the past few years. Contrary to its name, the country is rather visited during the hotter months, which you wouldn’t want to miss out. 

You see, Iceland is home to The Blue Lagoon, a natural, geothermal spa in the veins surrounding a lava field, thanks to which the mineral waters of the spa possess incredible healing properties. 

Fact #2: France 

While popularly known for the tower, there are other hidden beauties in France; have you seen the castles of this land yet? Its history and legends are rich, and there’s something for everyone. 

Be it the beach, the ski hills, and mountains, the urban legends in the museums and art, or the ghosts that haunt the castles in the Palace of Versailles, there’s so much to discover in France.

Fact #3: Czech Republic

The hauntingly beautiful cities and forests of the Czech Republic are accompanied by excellent gastronomy. The architecture blows our wits to dust with the sky-high castles spiraling into the clouds with the history they home, be it in manor houses, the museums, or urban arrangements. 

Visit Prague, the capital, and then the castles, particularly the Castle Karlstejn. Set against the backdrop of the most vibrant skies, it is not very far from the nearest quarry and waterfalls!

Fact #4: Indonesia 

Wash your woes away with the breath-taking sites of Indonesia that are blended with the richest of diversity in culture, care, and compassion alongside the magnificent skylines and heritage sites. 

Indonesia brims with wonder in its beaches and forests in alignment with its local history and heritage and cultural diversity across every single place. Know only of Bali? Go to Java and see the isles and inlets of water-based channel tourism. Indulge in its art and architecture, scenic glory, and landscapes.

Fact #5: Ukraine 

Snow and castles? Rivers and sunsets? Mild mornings with the urban breeze? Gorgeous castles with hidden art and antiquity? Ukraine has it all for you. Be it the Odessa Museum or the Mariinsky Park, St. Michael’s Golden Dome, and the House with Chimaeras, among many other architectural monuments, the country is packed with wholesome, off-the-maps exploring to do.

That sums up only a small percentage of our list, really. Fitting up a whole experience in some barest words is not a feat we could ever hope to achieve; though, this is to try to inculcate the spirit of curiosity and touch briefly on these countries’ brilliance. Off to pack your bags now, dear traveler. Where do you see yourself in this list to go to? Safe journey! 

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