5 Reasons (and infinite more) to Thank Your Mom on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s day approaches, let us take a moment to cherish these women who bring us courage on a daily basis, those who guide us in life, who fight for us, who make us laugh, who protect us. Though there are possibly unlimited number of reasons to thank your mother, we crafted out 5 reasons why you should thank your mom on Mother’s day.

1. Mothers read us like an open book

Do you maintain a cheerful attitude even though things aren’t going well? Are you attempting to maintain your composure after making a big blunder? Remove the masks! Your mother treats you as though you were an open book. She has a knack for deciphering all of your feelings. She is aware of all of your smirks, words, and looks that will compel you to confess everything.

2. Super Moms Know where everything is!

Let’s face it… You’ve already called her and told her, “Mom, do you have any idea where my blue t-shirt went?” She’d say it was in your bed, and she’d be right. You were informing him that he wasn’t there. “You can see if I arrive and find him!” she said to you there “.. He reappeared in front of your eyes thanks to her superpowers. Thank you, all mothers!

3. Mothers cook our favourite meals with love

Who hasn’t seen their mother slave away in the kitchen for hours? For that matter, whether or not she knows how to cook! She had a cake waiting for you when you got home from school. She made delicious stews on weekends. And, even though you’ve moved out of the family home, she still knows how to spoil you and welcome you with the dishes that enchanted you as a kid and for which she is the only one who knows the recipe.

4. Moms Sacrifice anything for their children

Your mother only wishes for you to be happy. She was already planning how she could make your life easier before she even gave birth to you: your comfortable little bed, your soft toys, small meals, walks, and birthday parties. Yeah, you must admit that you will always come first in your mother’s eyes, even when it comes to giving you the last cake, the cake that she adores and has been dying to try. She had, after all, purchased it for herself.

5. Mothers teach us things about life

She watches you progress through life, seeing you make your first choices and overcome your first setbacks. Can you recall your first heartbreaks? Your mother saw you cry and consoled you, explaining that things would get better in time, that it was happening, that you needed to move on with your life, and that “you would see others.” Thank you, Mom, for these tender and sweet words.

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