Best Tinder Bios for Women with Funny Examples

We all know very well that women don’t need a very elaborate bio to match. They can even leave the Tinder description empty, and matches will still happen.

In other words, even with a “bad” profile picture and a non-existent bio, there is no lack of matches.

BUT if you want to touch men’s minds and have men who correspond to you more than those who are currently sending you messages, it is essential that you pay attention to the construction of your Tinder bio.

We want to cover more on this topic but for today, here are few examples of tinder bios by women which are funny and humorous and something for you to take a little inspiration from:

1. She Knows her science

2. It just gets better and better

3. We love this bio!

4. Who doesn’t love BBQ?

5. If you want to put disclaimers on your bio

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