Couple Split Up and Move To Another Country Only To Match On Tinder Again And Have Been Together Ever Since

A self-proclaimed “sesh gremlin” dumped his lover and relocated to Australia. But gee, ‘what’s for you won’t go by you’ – they met 18 months later on Tinder and have been together ever since.

Tina Sarrou and Harrison Kingshott appear to be a prime illustration of fate. Tina was tired of her boyfriend’s beer-guzzling antics, and Harrison preferred the single life, so the two split up in 2016.

Surprisingly, the couple’s flame would be reignited. They ended up finding each other in Australia out of all the people in the globe – all it took was a couple of right-swipes.

Harrison, 28, moved to Australia nearly immediately after their breakup, while Tina, 32, moved the next year, having fully forgotten about her boyfriend.

Harrison admitted that he was to blame for the first split, saying:

I used to be a sesh gremlin who would go out all the time. I was one of those boyfriends that drank much too much beer. Tina was the reason I relocated to Australia. I’d had enough of us being at odds with one another.

That was the warmest place she could get away from her. If we hadn’t met up again, I’d still be there.

Tina, who had only been in Australia for two weeks, and Harrison, who had only been in Australia for two weeks, were just two streets apart when they reconnected on Tinder. ‘What are you doing here?’ she messaged him before they met up.

‘He took me to Sydney Harbour and we really hit it off right away,’ she recalled of their evening. It was great to see him again, and he never fails to make me chuckle. We got a motel, and he claimed he was seeing and living with another girl at the time, but it wasn’t serious.’

After Harrison’s then-girlfriend kicked him out for spending the night with Tina, they were back together the next day. They are expecting a kid next month after reconciling and have now returned to Seaford, East Sussex.

Harrison, a plumber by day, boasts that he’s frequently mistaken for James Corden, or more precisely Smithy from Gavin and Stacey, and jokes that if their baby is a boy, he’ll name him Neil.

He continued, “I am Smithy in real life. We sound same, too, despite the fact that we are both southerners. I get it on a weekly basis, and as a result, I’ve gotten a lot of free drinks. People have begged me to call their mothers and arrange for them to come meet me. If you buy me a Bacardi, I say I’ll do it. I always tell them that’s not me, but they call me a liar, and I just accept it. The more I gain weight, the more I resemble him.”

While Tina can’t deny the resemblance, she believes Harrison is even funnier and more attractive than the host of The Late Late Show.

Tina notices the similarities, but she thinks her partner is funnier and more attractive than the rich chat show host. ‘He’s often asked for selfies, and it’s gotten out of hand since Carpool Karaoke became popular – which I love,’ she explained.

Last year, the couple became engaged after Harrison proposed in Turkey, where they had spent their first vacation together. ‘After way we broke up, I never imagined I’d end up with Harrison again.’ But, no matter what, he always manages to make me laugh, and we are very happy together,’ she said.

Love’s power: sheer chance or divine intervention? Whatever it was, Tina and Harrison’s wedding went off without a hitch — congrats to the happy couple.

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