Guy Explains What It’s Like Being a Girl On Tinder After Using The Genderswap Snapchat Filter To Experience It

Sometimes, dating apps can be a minefield; you never know what horrors may hide behind that cheerful photo you just swiped right on. And now, thanks to Snapchat’s new ‘gender swap’ face filter, there’s an entirely new level of embarrassment to go through.

The photo filter is the current trend sweeping social media right now, and it’s just another brilliant technique for Snapchat to temporarily boost its users with an entertaining toy. You may have seen friends share photos of themselves dressed as members of the opposing sex, with amusing and disturbingly appealing outcomes. Who knew your best friend Dave was so attractive?

However, it’s all in good fun, and many can’t get enough of the gender switch filter. Jake Askew, a 20-year-old British male, received an extraordinarily pleasing result from his and decided to put it to the test on Tinder under the alias ‘Jess.’ Hundreds of people swooned over the seductive charms of the fine young ‘woman,’ and he was quickly besieged by matches and requests.

It didn’t stop there. Jake got a glimpse into the realities of online dating for many women, receiving a barrage of messages ranging from merely sassy to sexual predator-y. “One guy asked, ‘Are you a work of art?’ because he wanted to nail you to the wall,” he explained. “One bloke merely requested me to’sit on his face,’ while another talked to me about his ‘pork sword.'”

“To be fair, I thought I looked unreal when I glanced at myself with the Snapchat filter on,” Jake continued. “I showed my friend, and we decided to develop a Tinder app just to see if I’d get any matches.” Obviously, I didn’t anticipate to have over 1600 thirsty men like myself.”

Jake described the event as amusing while also being informative. He told us, “The men I was matching with were flying through with a little bit of everything.” “Some are blunt, while others are more subtle. But, certainly, seeing what some girls have to deal with on a daily basis is really shocking.”

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“It’s hilarious to my pals, and they’re amazed this witty tweet has gone as far as it has.” On Tinder, I had one friend who matched with ‘Jess,’ but he claimed he knew it was me. I’m quite sure he didn’t! I’m not going to reveal his identity (Joe).”

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