Man Finds a Date On Tinder, But After Meeting Her, He Realises Something Isn’t Quite Right.

Dating in today’s society is becoming increasingly difficult, with former ‘norms’ virtually completely broken and new rules and expectations unclear in a technology-obsessed culture.

Online dating and applications like Tinder have the advantage of allowing you to get to know your date before meeting them in person; it’s usual to exchange texts for days and have a good notion of who you’re flirting with based on their Facebook profile, for example.

However, the following storey may cause you to reconsider your plans for luxury dinners and weekend getaways. Minilogo37, an Imgur user, quickly realised that his ‘date’ was more interested in the financial pleasures of a date than in his company, and that he was being duped.

What should you do if you find yourself in this situation? Grit your teeth and pay up, like the gentleman was supposed to do previously? Insist on a bill split, even if it means an awkward confrontation? Explain the situation to the server in hushed tones, pay him your half, and depart quietly?

Scroll down to discover how minilogo37 handled his shady ‘date,’ as well as the subsequent discussion regarding current dating ethics. How do you feel about the situation? Let us know what you think in the comments!

His Acts Were Quickly Praised By Commenters.

However, some people had different thoughts.

What’s Your Take on the Situation?

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