People Are In Awe After TikToker Shows How Her Now Boyfriend Sent A Google Form Before Their First Date

Dating, especially in this day and age, can be difficult. People have gotten increasingly emotionally independent in recent years, and as a result, they have drifted away from the dating scene. At times, it appears like being a singleton would be the ideal situation—however, the PDA visible through the cafe windows assures you that this is not the case.

Still, finding someone who will stand by your side no matter what is a difficult task. It’s like being on a defective rollercoaster of overwhelming emotions with a high risk of colliding. Consider how many times people have to navigate through Hinge or swipe on Tinder just to find a decent conversation partner! It’s exhausting!

Some would even say that dating was simpler in the past because there was no technology and things were more “romantic.” But picture attempting to date in a village without the ability to open an app on your phone and modify the distance preferences if we can’t find the appropriate person for us in 2022 with all the possibilities of communicating with anyone across the world.

After explaining how her now-boyfriend asked her to fill out a Google form on their first date, this TikToker became an instant viral.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

However, not everyone who is dating is experiencing a bad emotional urge. Some people are still in high school sweetheart relationships, while others have successfully uninstalled their dating apps. However, some people are being asked out on dates by their friends… via a Google form.

A TikTok user known as @maytheeleven shared her humorous yet endearing dating storey. Before their date night, Graham, who is THE man, had the OP to fill out a lengthy Google form. It offered a variety of activities, such as ice skating while sipping hot chocolate or spending the evening on the beach with ice cream. There was also the option of selecting the evening’s meal as well as the “schmanciness” of the attire.

In this pre-date Google form, the woman’s date made care to provide a lot of alternatives.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

“You have consented to go on a date with Graham,” the OP’s future lover said in the first portion of the Google form. Congratulations! He offers a pleasant time tailored to your preferences.” Graham also asked the OP to mention whether or not she would be able to attend.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

The following portion began to seem quite promising! It’s usually a bonus to be well-versed in your day’s itinerary, especially if it’s your first date.

Graham went above and beyond by offering many options and leaving room for suggestions. This Google form might be really useful for those who aren’t close enough to each other and who want to ensure that both sides have a good time and aren’t uncomfortable.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

People are complimenting the gentleman for his creativity after this video received over 1 million likes.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

The following page was devoted to the meals that the OP might love. There were five alternatives available to the woman, as well as an open line for recommendations. Although she stated in the video that she ticked everything because she isn’t choosy.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

Image credits: Maytheeleven

Graham made care to dress suitably as well, so he didn’t hesitate to inquire about the OP’s preferred evening outfit. For this occasion, the woman decided that everyday casual would be the finest choice. She did note out, however, that if she had chosen the fifth option, which is the dress and suit and tie, he would have worn it.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

While the OP was going to his city, the date also sent a very cute invitation.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any cuter, the OP received a very “casual invitation” to the date while travelling to Graham’s city.

After that, the OP stated that the date was wonderful and went off without a hitch!

The OP received an exit survey after the first date, which was equally as entertaining.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

Graham, on the other hand, did not settle down after the first date and developed an exit survey!

“In the spirit of professionalism and giving dating the structure and administrative bureaucracy it has always deserved, Graham has urged you to complete out this optional exit survey,” it added at the start.

The OP was asked to grade Graham’s performance on a scale of awkward to charming in the first question. She gave it a 4 not because of Graham, but because first dates are notoriously awkward. Then Graham dazzled everyone with his Google form, which offered a variety of symptoms that the OP might have had on the date, including tinnitus and a dread of the abyss.

Image credits: Maytheeleven

Graham and the OP are now in a long-distance relationship that is going well.

If you’d want to create a Google form for your future dates, let us know in the comments!

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