These Cunning Felines Have One Goal: Driving Their Owners Bonkers

Most of us get pets because we long for companionship, affection, and the warm fuzziness that comes from having a fuzzy friend around all the time. Those who choose a dog as a buddy can be assured that they will have a loyal protector by their side for the rest of their lives. As every cat owner will attest, however, no matter how much they adore their feline companions, they can never be certain of their feline’s reciprocal feelings. Cats are out to get us, and they’re doing it in the funniest ways they can think of. Here’s the proof you need.

Have a meow-rry Christmas!

This fluffy cat has a wicked desire to dampen her family’s Christmas spirit, despite her outward cuteness. Her eyes are drawn to the tree atop the stool, where it has been given pride of place. This cat is the only one allowed to sit on the throne. She swiftly knocks over the tree and places herself on the stool as a solution. When it comes to cats, not even the holidays come first.

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