This Guy Created a Twitter Profile To Display His Pasta Making Skills And Impress His Tinder Match

No one is flawless, as someone once stated. We all make errors and have our own personal demons, which makes dating a difficult task… So, let’s be diplomatic and avoid getting into too many details, and simply agree that it ain’t easy. Andrew Wang, on the other hand, took his dating game to a whole new level by dedicating an entire Twitter account to creating Tortellini solely to impress a female he met on Tinder.

h/t: tillytortellini

This female posted on Twitter about a guy who tried to attract her by cooking Tortellini for her.

credits: nextleveltilly
credits: tillytortellini

Tinder doesn’t allow you to send photographs, thus

credits: tillytortellini
credits: tillytortellini

He came up with a brilliant technique to demonstrate his abilities by creating a Twitter account.

credits: tillytortellini
credits: tillytortellini

He was able to share his beautiful Tortellini “instruction” with us

credits: tillytortellini
credits: sociologybro

Not only did his adorable effort win the hearts of Tilly and his pals, but it also captured the hearts of others all across the Internet!

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