This young woman is finally reunited with the hero cop who saved her life after she was nearly killed in a fire

A day to remember

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A fire broke out at an apartment building on Washington Street in Connecticut on June 25, 1998. This wasn’t just a typical call to the local emergency services; they knew individuals would be in great danger if they didn’t arrive in time. Josibel Aponte, a five-year-old girl, was inside. While her mother was at work, the girl was staying with her uncle Jofrey, but matters were about to take a turn she would never forget this day.

Josibel admits to having a fuzzy memory. However, she recalls that the room was filled with smoke before she attempted to wake up her sleeping uncle. Unfortunately, nothing Josibel did was enough to pique his interest. It wasn’t long until the smoke overtook Josibel’s young body, and all she remembers is darkness. They were both in a fight for survival.

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