This young woman is finally reunited with the hero cop who saved her life after she was nearly killed in a fire


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When Peter arrived at work, he promptly transported the young girl to her car. She wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse, which was unfortunate. To make matters worse, the tiny infant was covered in ash from the fire, and it appeared as though Peter would lose her before he could intervene. He was fortunate in that he understood exactly what to do. Peter, like all police officers, was trained in first aid and understood how to perform CPR.

The cop was well aware that waiting for an ambulance would be disastrous for the child, who required emergency medical assistance. In reality, one more minute of inaction turned out to be a minute too late. While Peter started CPR in the back of the patrol car, his partner took the wheel and drove to the hospital with the little patient in the back.

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