Tinder Bans This Guy After Creating Over 30 Profiles. We Share Some Of The Best Ones

Tinder, the 21st-century fast dating app. You don’t have to get dressed up to meet new people, and you may do so while watching Netflix on your couch. People are constantly attempting to outdo each other in the competitive online dating competition, which has them producing the funniest profiles. But Jake, a man who has built over 60 Tinder profiles, is no match for them. Get it? Haha Is there no match? Okay, don’t worry about that; let’s go on.


“I’ve tried to take Tinder dating seriously,” Jake explained, “but I’ve never found it to be excellent for those looking to take dating seriously.” “I’ve also gone on some very unusual dates.” On the first date, I met a preacher’s daughter who stated she wanted to “bang more boys and eventually go back with her ex.”


Jake, on the other hand, enjoys making people laugh, and the dating app seemed like the ideal place to do it. “I wanted a female with a good sense of humour (I’m a pain to put up with).”


Tinder, on the other hand, was having none of it and abruptly removed this amusing character off the platform. This minor blunder hasn’t deterred him, and he intends to continue his search elsewhere, using even more dating accounts.


“I’d like to experiment with creating similar profiles for other apps. Making them for a show like Christian Mingle or Farmers Only would be hilarious.”


“I’d also like to point out that, in my opinion, people should take life less seriously. Everyone enjoys a good laugh. If a joke falls flat, just make a new one. Go on as many dates as you can since the worst case scenario is that you’ll end up with a great storey to tell.”


























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